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Website Banner Advertising

Don’t be fooled. Banner ads are not dead.  When potential customers spend time engaging with valuable content,they are more prone to respond to an ad, especially one that serves their current needs. Struggling with Addiction is a trusted source for news and information so sharing your treatment center with our reader has proven to be highly effective.

For more information and rates, please

  • contact our advertising department on +323.524.0528 or
  • email your enquiry to marketing@strugglingwithaddiction.com

Section Front Banners & Tickers

Those seeking addiction treatment for themselves, or their loved ones, generally spend 3 to 14 days searching the internet for information. This is the best time to get your center in font of these individuals – and more than once! Repeat impression of your logo and your facility creates a familiarity with your potential client. This familiarity is very powerful when compunded with information from other sources like radio, television and search ads.

Content Banner

Larger display ads command attention on the page and are frankly, hard to ignore. The larger screen territory also always you to share more information that may be valuable to your potential client and make the difference in their decision.


Divider Position

Let’s face it. People hate to be interrupted. Personally it drives me crazy when an ad pops up over my content or in the middle of my video. That’s why it’s better to place relevant information about your center within our content instead of interrupting it.

Working with our account team, we can help you create the best graphics and craft the proper message to get our readers to pay attention and seek more information about your services.

Left & Right Sidebar Widget

Repition is key. We will place a variety of ad sizes as well as a variety of your content throughout our site. Using unique URLs, unique phone numbers and unique tags, you can track which ads are performing better and drop the ones that aren’t. We understand how importnat ROI is when it comes to your advertising dollar and we want to help you succeed.


Feature your Treatment Facility

The more information you can share about your treatment facility the better. People want to know what they or their loved ones will experience. When you feature your facility on Struggling with addiction, we will share photos, reviews, links and features of your facility to our readers. You will have the space to share your accreditations as well as other trust signals that illustrate your value. The “feature” is a very powerful tool.

Left & Right Branding Banners

We will work with you and your team to craft the best call to actions and find the perfect placement for you content on Struggling with Addiction. Our reports will share impressions and clicks so you can make informed decisions with your marketing dollars.


Footer Widget Advertising

Don’t forget the footer! How many times have you scrolled to the bottom of a website to grab a phone number or a quick link? In the least, you get to share your message one more time before they leave.