For Families and Friends of People with Addiction

When a member of your family is in crisis, it feels selfish to talk about the personal toll someone's addiction can take on your own psyche. That is why it's important to seek out help for yourself if you are struggling under the burden of someone else's disease, especially when that person is close to you.

There are several amazing organizations that have been built around the understanding of the pressures placed on the loved ones of addicts. If you are experiencing this, there is help out there for you as well.

Below are some helpful links for those dealing with a loved one who is suffering from addiction. Sometimes you need to help yourself as well.

  • ( For adult children of alcoholics and addicts.
  • ( For family members of alcoholics.
  • org ( For co-dependent individuals.
  • Gam-anon ( For family members of gamblers.
  • Nar-anon ( For family members of addicts.
  • S-Anon ( Family & Friends of Sexaholics
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