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Mindfulness in Recovery: Cultivating Inner Peace After Addiction

Addiction is a disease of the brain. It changes how you perceive the world, how you respond to stress, and how you navigate life's challenges. Even in recovery, the neural pathways affected by addiction can continue to influence thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. This is why cultivating mindfulness in recovery from addiction is so crucial. Mindfulness […]

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Are Weight Loss Drugs Like Ozempic Addictive?

Ozempic is one of the most talked about prescription medications in recent history. Its reputation extends far beyond its original purpose of managing type 2 diabetes. More people now use Ozempic as an anti-obesity medication. According to research, higher doses of Ozempic may induce weight loss, especially when combined with healthy lifestyle interventions. Despite this, […]

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Breaking the Cycle: Overcoming the Worst Relapse Triggers

There is always a risk of relapse after alcohol or drug addiction treatment. According to NIDA, about 40 to 60% of people relapse within the first year of recovery. That's because substance use alters the structure and function of the brain, and these effects persist well beyond when sobriety is first obtained. But the good […]

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The Science of Healing: Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a complex and chronic condition, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to treatment. What works for one person may not work for the other. That's why treatment centers use different evidence-based practices to address the diverse needs of those struggling with substance use disorders.  Evidence-based addiction treatment has been shown to be effective, […]

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The Mind Body Connection: Using Fitness for a Sober Lifestyle

The mind-body connection is like a two-way street between your brain and body. Your emotions, thoughts, and behavior can affect your physical well-being and vice versa. For example, when you are anxious or stressed, you're likely to turn to drugs and alcohol to feel good. But in the long run, substance abuse can cause a spectrum of short- and long-term health issues. […]

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Why is Addiction Treatment so Expensive in the USA?

There’s a massive gap between the number of people who need addiction treatment in the United States and those who actually get it. According to the 2021  NSDUH report, 46.3 million people 12 and older met the applicable DSM-5 criteria for having an addiction in the past year. Yet, only 6% got help at a specialty facility. […]

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Do Childhood Scars Lead to Adult Addiction?

Children who experience traumatic experiences have a higher risk of abusing drugs or alcohol as adults. Numerous studies have found a strong correlation between childhood trauma and addiction. For example, in a National Survey of Adolescents, teenagers who experienced sexual or physical abuse were 3 times more likely to report past or current substance abuse than those […]

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Stress, Burnout, and the Path to Substance Abuse

Stress is a normal part of life and can serve a useful purpose. It can motivate you to run the last mile of a marathon or get that promotion at work. But if you don’t get a hold of your level of stress and it becomes long-term, it can seriously affect your family life, job, […]

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Digital Detox: Combating the Addictive Nature of Screen Time

At present, there are 5.3 billion internet users and 5.25 billion smartphone owners worldwide. These are just two examples of the widespread adoption of digital technology, which has become an integral part of our daily lives. While the internet and smartphones have brought about many benefits, they also have a dark side: digital dependency. Technology is well-integrated into modern […]

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The Role of Sleep in Healing from Substance Abuse

Decades of studies have confirmed that sleep is necessary for healthy functioning and even survival. It helps us think clearly, be alert, and sustain attention. It also helps us consolidate memories, regulate emotions, and improve overall health. However, substances like drugs and alcohol have disruptive effects on the natural sleep cycle. They make it hard […]

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