PJ Haarsma
December 16, 2019

How do Drug Rehab Facilities Get Addicts to Come In?

Drug rehabilitation facilities use a myriad of different strategies for the recipient to receive help. One of the most difficult challenges these facilities face is that no single person is the same. Differing strategies are required in order to meet the needs of the individual patient.

For some, willpower will be enough, for others following a step-by-step program, and for others, an accountability buddy can make all the difference. It’s been proven that drug rehab facilities can help patients, yet only 10% of addicts in the United States are currently receiving treatment. [1]

Why are People Apprehensive of Rehab?

For many, rehab has a negative connotation associated with it. They have to face the humiliation of their peers and worry that if people find out they will be ashamed with them. Though nothing could be further from the truth, many individuals are stuck behind this mindset.

Drug rehab centers know this and have many programs to help protect anonymity. In recent years, rehab facilities have focused especially on catering to specific groups. Facilities have found success by focusing on gender, age, or specific drug addiction. This helps the addict feel more welcome and allows the patients to feel as if their peers understand what they’ve been going through.

How do Rehab Facilities Work?

Though no two facilities are the same, rehab facilities, have some common characteristics. For example, patients are free to leave at any time. Rehab facilities want people who desire to fix their problems rather than someone who feels they have to show up to check a box or please a loved one.

Upon arrival at the facility, the patient will meet with an addiction counselor and discuss their patterns, history, past, and many other individualized questions to help best meet their needs. Once they meet with the evaluator, they will be given an individualized treatment plan that suits their needs.

Common Tactics of Drug Rehab Facilities

Drug rehab facilities work with the patient and come up with a plan that best suits their needs. While the plan is tailored to the specific needs of the patient, there are some commonalities between plans. Waking up early and having a routine is a major part of the program. Starting the day prompt, and with breakfast helps set the pace for the day.

Finding something to replace the addiction is also critical; many facilities help the patient to discover talents that they never knew they had, all while creating a support network the patient can rely on. In the vast majority of cases, it’s through the assistance of others that the addict is able to overcome.

How do People Find Drug Rehab Facilities?

In the past, advertising would be done primarily through word of mouth or advertisements over TV. In recent years, however, the rise of the internet has created a whole new market of patients for rehab facilities.

Much of the advertisements done today are through social media. Though TV and other forms of advertisement are still used heavily, the number one way people facilities gain new members is through word of mouth. When a loved one or trusted friend recommends a facility, the chances of the facility getting a new member are far higher than if one finds it through advertisement. 

Other Ways Rehab Facilities Get the Word out

The best way for a facility to get new patients is through positive, life-changing rehabilitation. If the facility can change people’s lives, then the results will speak for themselves. One of the best ways to know if a rehab facility is doing a good job is to listen to the reviews.

If the caregivers are honest and caring, and the patient feels welcome, they will have a much better chance of overcoming their addiction and leading a healthy life.

The Importance of a Support Network

Even if the patient has access to the best resources, it ultimately comes down to their desire to change. This is why many centers focus on accepting willing patients. If the patient has truly decided they want to make a change in their life, rehab facilities will be able to work miracles on them.

One of the strongest ways to ensure success at overcoming addiction is through a strong support network. Though patients can be apprehensive toward these groups and skeptical of their efficacy, studies have shown that these networks are imperative to receiving fulfilling treatment. One of the testaments to their success is their widespread use. These support groups have expanded from Alcoholics Anonymous to nearly every other addiction, with groups such as Cocaine or Marijuana Anonymous. [2]


Though the 12-step model has been used in many of these groups, it is not the only model rehab facilities will use. The beauty of the rehab facility is that the plan will not be imposed on the patient, the evaluator will work with the patient to come up with the best plan they can that suits the needs of the individual perfectly.


Drug rehab facilities serve the needs of many individuals. They offer customizable plans that suit the need of the patient and work extensively with the patient to develop healthy habits that can change their lives. With only 10% of addicts currently receiving treatment, it’s of vital importance that rehab facilities get their name out there so individuals can receive treatment.

In the past, it was common for facilities to use advertising through TV, but in recent years the focus has shifted towards favorable reviews, as well as advertising directly through the internet. Focusing their efforts on success rate and a positive experience have helped facilities to usher in a new era that focuses primarily on treatment. With many facilities being funded by the state or national government, these facilities can primarily focus on treating the patient and leave the marketing to someone else.




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