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Drugs are often associated with a decline in quality of life, but to what degree? You’ve probably heard of people losing their homes, friends, family, and jobs, and may be wondering if this is true for every drug addict. We talked to former drug addicts, did as much research as possible, and feel qualified to tackle the topic of how drugs can affect your quality of life. The Aspects of Life That Drugs Effect While...


Drug usage has risen over the past decade and only seems to be increasing. It seems like we all know, or have known, someone in our lives who has fallen into the addiction of drug usage. While many people think about the problems, drug addiction brings, not many people think about the long-lasting health effects drugs have on your body. We scoured the internet looking for the most common reasons people avoid drugs and came...


No matter what the details of your addiction recovery journey, experts agree – the use of CBT (or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, as it is known) is a powerful tool to prevent relapse and fight off temptation.  One study[1] of cocaine-dependent patients even showed 60% of patients subjected to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy remained clean upon a 52-week toxicology screen! What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) ?   The DrugAbuse.Gov[2] website says the following about CBT: Cognitive-behavioral...


The debate on whether or not drugs should be legal has been going on for over a century. If we look back 150 years ago, we can see that the Opium Wars crippled China for many decades. Some argue that there are still parts of China that haven’t even recovered from the epidemic. We can also look to the morphine and laudanum epidemic that ravaged the United States post-civil war until those drugs became regulated....


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Struggling With Addiction is a drug use & rehabilitation blog that also lists potential danger sites, and lifts some facilities that reach high levels of accreditation & have good track records of treatment.


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